A Look Behind the Scenes

As 2020 came to a close, we had one of our most exciting product releases to date: The Aarke Carbonator 3. While the process of bringing a new product to life is long and sometimes difficult, one of our favorite days by far is the campaign shoot. 

As a group of self-professed design enthusiasts, seeing a product come to life in an environment that perfectly embodies and complements it is satisfying to say the least, and results in high expectations for the shoot’s concept and setting. The Nationalmuseum, located in the heart of Stockholm, was the perfect candidate. Housing an internationally acclaimed collection of art, including paintings, sculptures and design objects dating from the 14th century to modern day, it offers endless inspiration. 

With this photoshoot, we challenged ourselves to awaken the viewer and inspire them to rethink everything they thought they knew about home carbonation. Focusing on details and texture, each of the moments that could be captured when using the product and pouring a perfect, refreshing glass. We wanted to incorporate attributes of fashion photography, so we brought in a model to interact with the product and add an elevated yet human feel to the scene.

Styling was on the minimalistic side, allowing the interior to speak for itself alongside some select glass props and tableware. The result was a series of photographs showing the product and its functions, in a room that added distinct ambiance, warmth, natural light, and stunning interior details that worked to highlight the product and do it justice. 

While the Nationalmuseum was closed at the time of the shoot due to the pandemic, we were glad to bring some life to the space, and perfectly realize our vision for our Swedish sparkling water maker through the lens of renowned food & lifestyle photographer, Petter Bäcklund. The museum's restaurant, opened in 1996, features magnificent architecture and delicious food, and now has also served as the perfect backdrop to the Carbonator 3’s debut.

An exclusive look behind the scenes